Congregation Kol Tikvah’s Ritual Committee, in conjunction with our temple clergy, has worked hard to establish policies of dress and decorum during our worship services. The need to do so arises out of concerns and comments that have been voiced concerning our attire and our conduct in the sanctuary. The following guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Trustees.

As a courtesy both to our clergy and your fellow members, we ask for everyone to make every effort to arrive on time as services begin promptly at the designated time.

Shabbat is a sacred time.  We give honor to the Sabbath when we enter the sanctuary with certain attire.  Our community loves to come together in faith and friendship, and dressing appropriately for Shabbat worship is suggested.  Shorts or jeans are not recommended and women should exercise a level of modesty in their clothing.  High hemlines, bare shoulders and low cut clothing are not appropriate.  However, a jacket, sweater or shawl could be used as a cover up.  Pants are totally acceptable for women. While the above is a recommendation to bring honor to Shabbat and the community, no one will ever be turned away in their desire to worship with our congregation.

Food and Drink
Food, drink, and the chewing of gum are prohibited in the sanctuary. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.

Please help us to maintain the dignity of the service by turning off all cell phones and electronic devices, and not holding conversations during the service.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please do not hesitate to ask an usher, a member of the Ritual Committee or the clergy if you have any questions or concerns about our dress and decorum policy.