Not Feeling Well?  Need a Meal? A Ride? Lose a Loved One?

We Are Here for You!!!

Your Kol Tikvah Caring Committee is here for you. When you’re struggling, let us help. We can provide:

*A meal for you or someone in your family when there is an illness

*A ride to the doctor for medical treatment

*A ride to Shabbat Services

*Shiva dinner for your immediate family

We also celebrate the good times…and provide:

*Gifts for the bride and groom, and newborns

*Gifts for parents, grandparents, and great grandparents

Contact Nat Nussbaum or Genie Sasson and the Kol Tikvah Caring Committee will be there for you.
Contact Nat at 954 -415- 6946 or Genie at 201 280-7893

We welcome your support. If you are interested in joining The Caring Committee, please send your email address to We have no meetings and work together to create a sacred and holy community.

“Kindness I’ve discovered, is everything in life.”   Isaac Bashevis Singer