Not Feeling Well?  Need a Meal? A Ride? Lose a Loved One?

We Are Here for You!!!

Your Kol Tikvah Caring Committee is here for you. When you’re struggling, let us help. We can provide:

*A meal for you or someone in your family when there is an illness

*A ride to the doctor for medical treatment

*A ride to Shabbat Services

*Shiva dinner for your immediate family

We also celebrate the good times…and provide:

*Gifts for the bride and groom, and newborns

*Gifts for parents, grandparents, and great grandparents

Contact Nat Nussbaum or Genie Sasson and the Kol Tikvah Caring Committee will be there for you.
Contact Nat at 954 -415- 6946 or Genie at 201 280-7893

We welcome your support. If you are interested in joining The Caring Committee, please send your email address to We have no meetings and work together to create a sacred and holy community. Our Caring Committee Fund is available for donations to help support our efforts. Thanks to all 72 members for your dedication and generosity.

“Kindness I’ve discovered, is everything in life.”   Isaac Bashevis Singer