The Caring Committee has been taking care of our members’ needs for 15 years and we want to do more, because we can do much more to take care of one another when in need.

Everyone was impacted, one way or another by our work: a card, a gift, flowers, a ride to the Temple for Shabbat, phone calls, meals and visits.

These are all things we all do in our lives, they are not extraordinary things but for that one person in need at one particular time it is an extraordinary experience to know that you are part of a community who offers support and care. 

Giving back makes you feel good. Imagine how much we can accomplish if each one of us can do one Mitzvah!!

Make someone’s day by doing a Mitzvah for them!

1. Send a homemade meal to someone recovering from surgery or going through an illness. 

2. Make a phone call around Holidays.

3. Send a Get Well card to someone recovering from surgery or going through illness.

4. Drive someone to Temple for Friday night services, or to a doctor’s appointment.

5. Pick up some groceries for an elderly congregant who cannot drive anymore or too frail due to illness

6. Send flowers to someone celebrating a Milestone: wedding, birth of a child, special anniversary, Retirement

7. Pay a visit to someone who lives alone and is elderly or/ and ailing 

8. Send a Challah for Shabbat to a new family that just moved into our community or someone living alone, or in need of some TLC.

9. Help someone put up Shutters when during Hurricane season if needed.

10. Make a donation to the Temple in the name of Caring Committee; we use this money to send meals for shivas and recovering congregants.

The only commitment to be part of the Caring Committee is to be a member of Kol Tikvah. If you want to help in an active way, doing one or more of the things listed above, or if you have ideas of how to improve our work for one another, please email us . 

Your involvement means we can do more for one another.

Our community will be stronger through our care for each other!

If you know someone who needs our support please let the Rabbi know and we will be notified to act.

Caring Committee Co-Chairs:

Nat Nussbaum: cell # 954-415-6946; email:

Nancy Nussbaum: Cell#  954-778-7066 email:

Irina Hecht: cell # 954-857-8939, email: