When sorrow comes, our clergy can guide you — in a loving, meaningful, and supportive way through what must be done. Our clergy can also help in pre-need arrangements for the cemetery and funeral as well as guide you and your family through the Jewish ritual of death.

Following the funeral, our clergy will be honored to lead Shiva Minyan services for the family as well.  For more information, please contact Rabbi Boxman or Cantor Debbie Hafetz by calling (954) 346-7878.

Most communities have an unveiling ceremony a year after the death. There is no restriction about the timing, other than the unveiling cannot be held during certain periods such as Passover or Chol Ha’Moed.

At the ceremony, a cloth or shroud covering that has been placed on the headstone is removed, customarily by close family members. Services include reading of several psalms, Mourners Kaddish and the prayer “El Malei Rachamim.” The service may include a brief eulogy for the deceased.  Our clergy will be honored to assist you.