Becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

“Bar/Bat Mitzvah” literally means “Son/Daughter of the Commandment”.  In the Jewish tradition, a boy of thirteen and a girl that is twelve are considered old enough to accept their religious duties and to be responsible for their moral behavior.  For the sake of gender equality, a value we are committed to at Congregation Kol Tikvah, boys and girls celebrate this milestone in their lives at age thirteen.

The Bar Mitzvah service is preceded by many years of formal study of Jewish history, ethics, spiritual values and the Hebrew language.  Participation in the religious service is the Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s demonstration of his/her ability to read and understand a section of the Five Books of Moses.

Services at Congregation Kol Tikvah are conducted in English and Hebrew.  Transliteration of most of the Hebrew prayers and songs can be found in the back pages of the prayer book

We have prepared a booklet to explain the way your child will be trained in the B’nai Mitzvah process.  We also offer you any assistance you might need to make your experience a meaningful one.  Congregation Kol Tikvah provides a B’nai Mitzvah representative to work with your family and answer any questions that you may have to ask.

B’nai Mitzvah Liasion

Barbara Feller, Chair (954) 753-1440