Income. Friendships. Community.

Join other Entrepreneurs & Professionals of Kol Tikvah and become part of the Kol Tikvah Business Networking Group (KTBNG).

Are you a small business owner? Do you offer a product or service that can benefit the Congregation Kol Tikvah community? Then join our growing network of entrepreneurs and career-driven professionals seeking business, friendship and community.

The Kol Tikvah Business Networking Group, or KTBNG for short, is a group of people looking to develop relationships within the Kol Tikvah family to help grow one another’s business. Over the past few years, we have generated significant revenue for our members.

The group meets every 1st Thursday in person and third Thursday via ZOOM every month.

For more information about the group or how to join, contact:
Beth Alhanti –  954-260-9056
Barbara Feller –  954-816-4900
Jeff Kostick – 954-634-2446
Jeff Shanbom – 954-747-5280