Kol Tikvah offers vibrant and engaging youth programming that covers foundational Jewish content using experiential and hands-on learning.

The kindergarten through second grade classes meets weekly and focuses on learning the Aleph Bet (the Hebrew alphabet), how to celebrate Jewish holidays, and well-known Torah portions such as the stories of creation and Noah. They also begin to explore the importance of Jewish values in our lives.

The third through sixth grades meet twice a week as the learn Hebrew and delve into the prayers that enrich our Jewish traditions. Our students will explore Jewish history; the Synagogue; Israel; Jewish Values and Prophets as they deepen their knowledge and love of Jewish heritage and traditions. Third graders will use an interactive Alef Bet Quest curriculum. In 4th – 6th grade, we use “Hebrew in Harmony”. This Innovative and interactive self-paced Hebrew learning uses music as a way to help our students as they focus on mastering reading, saying and understanding prayers. We supplement these materials with individualized tutoring, small study groups, school-wide holiday celebrations, family education programs, Jewish music and singing, Shabbat worship and participation in art activities related to their study.

Our students are prepared to help lead worship and holiday services after years of study at Kol Tikvah.

Our teachers represent a cross section of qualified educators from many different disciplines. Many teach in secular and Jewish day schools, and all know Hebrew, appropriate for the grades they teach. In addition, we have specialists in Hebrew, music, and Hebrew through Movement.

Our Education & Youth Engagement Committee, comprised of parent volunteers, assists the EYE Leadership Team in creating and executing the educational vision for our program and the continual process of assessment and evaluation to strengthen the curricula. The committee also participates in our events and helps to raise funds for special programming.

Our TNT (Teen Night at the Temple) Programs for Grades 7-12 includes continued learning at a deeper and more comprehensive level, such as b’nai mitzvah preparation, discussions of Jewish values, Confirmation, and Jewish Studies courses in our Dual Enrollment Program with Broward College. In addition, students continue to develop their relationships with their peers through our experiential youth group activities that are incorporated into the programming.

We encourage all parents from Grades K-12 to get involved with their children’s classes as volunteer parents or serving on our Education &Youth Engagement Committee. We hope that parents will support their children’s learning through participating in our family programming and engaging in home discussions about what students are learning and by providing them with the opportunity to experience Shabbat and holiday celebrations at home.

You may download and view our curriculum here.

COVID ADDENDUM: This is an addendum to our 2021-2022 Parent Handbook