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Results of the 2020 World Zionist Congress Elections


  • ARZA/Vote Reform and Reconstructionist Movement was the clear winner. Nearly 10,000 votes ahead of nearest slate. We are the largest Zionist party in the U.S. and that was made clear and should not be taken for granted.
  • ARZA/Vote Reform increased its vote nearly 50%, adding 10,000 new voters. That is especially impressive since we had the most votes last time.
  • Israel is important to our Movement and our people deeply care about seeing a Jewish and democratic Israel that cares about the issues of pluralism, equality and freedom.
  • ARZA/Vote Reform is positioned to lead a powerful progressive block. Adding Mercaz (Conservative Movement) and Hatikvah (The Progressive Bloc), the block has over 54,000 votes or about 45% of the total.
  • We are troubled and concerned by the nature of the Eretz Hakodesh slate’s entire campaign and their results because of their continued violation of election rules including their use of degrading, denigrating and clearly false attacks on our slate.
  • The overwhelming increase in overall voting (more than twice the vote of 5 years ago) is a very positive sign. It reflects the increased recognition by American Jews of the importance of the World Zionist Congress and the National Institutions in Israel. That is a crucial foundation to build on in the future.

The total 2020 US World Zionist Congress Election preliminary vote count is 123,629. Each slate’s total follows:

  • Vote Reform: 31,500
  • Orthodox Israel Coalition – Mizrachi: 21,698
  • Eretz Hakodesh: 20,023
  • MERCAZ USA: 14,666
  • ZOA Coalition: 10,313
  • American Forum for Israel: 8,132
  • Hatikvah: 7,932
  • Shas Olami: 2,046
  • Kol Yisrael: 1,752
  • Dorshei Torah V’Tziyon: 1,373
  • Herut Zionists: 1,157
  • Vision: 1,036
  • Americans4Israel: 857
  • Israel Shelanu: 769
  • Ohavei Zion: 375